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Counting the cost: caring for people with dementia on hospital wards

Counting the cost: caring for people with dementia on hospital wards report provides evidence from over 2,400 people with dementia, carers and nurses on the quality of dementia care provided on general wards in hospitals across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Read more about our findings below or download a copy of the full report.

What is Alzheimer's Society calling for?

  1. The NHS as a whole and individual hospitals recognise that dementia is a significant, growing and costly problem for them, which lies at the heart of the agenda to drive efficiency and quality improvement.
  2. A reduction in the number of people with dementia being cared for in hospitals.
  3. Hospitals to identify a senior clinician to take the lead for quality improvement in dementia care and for defining the care pathway.
  4. Specialist liaison older people's mental health teams to be commissioned, to facilitate the management and care of people with dementia in hospitals.
  5. An informed and effective acute care workforce in hospitals for people with dementia.
  6. A reduction in the use of antipsychotic drugs to treat people with dementia on a general ward.
  7. Involvement of people with dementia, carers, family and friends in the care of people with dementia to improve person-centred care.
  8. Steps are taken to ensure that people with dementia have enough to eat and drink.
  9. A change in the approach to care for people with dementia to one of dignity and respect.

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Download the Hospital report

Counting the cost: caring for people with dementia on hospital wards

Top tips for carers

Our list of ten tips for carers.

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