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What the papers say

Bookmark this page for the latest news on Alzheimer's Disease and dementia in the national and regional press.

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What the papers say

People with mild cognitive impairment ma

23/04 21:40, Medical Xpress

Mayo Clinic research studying the relationship between death and the

People with more education may recover b

23/04 21:33, Medical Xpress

People with more years of education may be better able to recover from a traumatic

Loss of memory in Alzheimer's mice model

23/04 20:17, Bright Surf

UAB researchers identify the protein which prevents memory consolidation when

Toward unraveling the Alzheimer's myster

23/04 20:16, Bright Surf

Getting to the bottom of Alzheimer's disease has been a rapidly evolving pursuit with many twists, turns and

Physical activity keeps hippocampus heal

23/04 20:12, Bright Surf

Maintaining hippocampus volume is key to delaying cognitive

Blood of world's oldest woman hints at l

23/04 19:15, New Scientist

Death is the one certainty in life – a pioneering analysis of blood from one of the world's oldest and

Biogen Idec Profit Rises 12% -- Update

23/04 19:09, Uk Advfn

By Erin McCarthy Biogen Idec Inc.

How ailing bodies hasten the progress of

23/04 18:12, New Scientist

HERE'S another reason to be fit and healthy.

Study finds long-term survival of human

23/04 18:08, Medical Xpress

A team of researchers in Korea who transplanted human neural


23/04 16:02, Noodls

Funds Will Provide Support for Archiving and